A Premium and Authentic Hipster Cafe

Welcome to ApecDiamondPark Cafe

Our Story

News Hipster Cafe is located along a row of old terrace houses in Bukit Bintang with a history dating back to the 1920s. The dreamy new cafe is still in its soft launch phase but has already become the latest hotspot for an aesthetic afternoon over coffee and cakes.

Special Main Menu

Fresh Milk Chocolate with Nut

Cheese Tart Dessert

Cinnamon Bread with Americano

Fresh Dessert Cake and Cupcakes

Loved by Many

This place is amazing! They offered the best coffee and showed the best attitude to its costumers. Internet connection is very fast and is unlimited as well. This place is indeed perfect for studying and chilling out. It was very quiet and air-conditioned. I just want to keep coming back to this place. Thank you!
Jessica Sommer
I would probably say that this Hipster Cafe is a must for coffee and Cakes lovers! The service was good, and the variety of coffee and cakes served in the ambiance was very satisfying. We will be back again!
Bryan Lambert
Excellent espresso, pastries, hot chocolate, location, and ambiance. This Cafe is indeed a great place to kill your time, do business, and to study as well. The owner was so welcoming and friendly. The place was so cozy. The decorations were so cute.
Kristin Foster