Power Plant Inspection Services Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Power plants are highly complex structures, and regular inspections are essential to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency. These inspections also help identify any potential issues before they pose a risk to the public. Today, drones are being used for confined space inspections, which eliminate the human risk and allow the company to obtain visual data without an inspector’s physical presence.

Nondestructive examination (NDE)

Performing nondestructive examinations (NDEs) of power plants is a critical task. The power plant needs to be inspected to ensure that it is safe to use. There are many ways to conduct these tests, including a combination of traditional and advanced methods. The results of these tests are used to meet regulatory codes and maximize plant efficiency. Performing inspections of power plants requires personnel with specialized skills, including operators of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Nondestructive examination (NDT) methods use electromagnetic radiation or other signals to examine a wide variety of materials. The most commonly used method is visual inspection, which can be enhanced by magnification, borescopes, or cameras. Penetrating radiation and volumetric inspection are other methods that examine the internal structure of a sample.

Physical examination (PE)

Whether you’re a power plant inspector or an executive in a company that manages power plants, your health is important. You must be physically fit to do the job, and physical examinations are one of the most important parts of ensuring compliance. At Concentra, we partner with employers to ensure that key team members are healthy and fit for the job. Our services include different types of physical exams.

A complete medical examination includes a complete assessment of your health, including a thorough assessment of your body composition. Your examiner will record any symptoms or illnesses that could limit your duty or make you unable to do your job safely. Additionally, you’ll have your immunizations and infectious disease screenings performed as needed.

Nondestructive testing (NDE)

Nondestructive testing (NDT) has revolutionised a range of industries, from power plant inspection to aerospace inspection. This technology enables the production of 3D images of faults. Advances in the technology have made it the preferred method of inspection for a range of applications. By utilising advanced NDT techniques, Applus+ can help clients manage risks, minimise production costs and maximise productivity.

Nondestructive testing is one of the fastest and most accurate methods of inspection. The technique has gained immense popularity over the past few years. The process is critical to maintaining and improving the integrity of power plants and other industrial facilities. It also helps plant operators avoid costly accidents and keeps their assets up to code. It also enables them to ensure the safety and security of their personnel.


Flyability is a Swiss-based company that provides power plant inspection and monitoring services. They utilize drones to help reduce the time and costs of manual inspections while increasing the safety of the facilities. During the inspection process, Flyability uses highly sensitive equipment to identify potential leaks. To complete the inspection, the plant must be shut down to 20 percent. This process requires approximately half a shift, and it takes another six hours to power the plant back up.

A new partner, GeoSLAM, will help Flyability’s inspection and mapping services improve their accuracy. This technology enables inspectors to build survey-grade 3D models from data collected by the drones.

Nuclear power plant inspection

Nuclear power plants are among the most dangerous and challenging sites for inspection. They require the highest levels of safety and security provisions. Accidents at these facilities can have devastating consequences for the workers and surrounding communities. Therefore, nuclear power plant inspections are critical to ensure that all facilities are operating safely. There are several important services offered by nuclear power plant inspection companies.

The inspections performed by nuclear power plant inspection companies must be done using specific NDT practices. Nuclear power plants are subject to severe environmental, structural, and operational stressors. These conditions include temperature changes, pressure fluctuations, and chemical attacks. In addition, steel containment surfaces and other safety-related structures can deteriorate over time. Hence, nuclear power plant inspection services should be provided by a team with extensive experience in this field.

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