5 Things to Look For in ERP Software

When looking for the best ERP software in Malaysia, the key features to look for are flexibility and customisation. A good ERP system can also be scalable and flexible, while keeping track of your business activities and helping you educate your staff. Thankfully, there are many companies offering ERP software in Malaysia, including Microsoft. Listed below are five important things to consider when choosing an ERP solution for your business. Read on to discover what to look for and get started.

Easy to learn

Many companies struggle to manage their growing operations, but an easy to learn ERP software can help you make the transition. Many companies have found success with an automated solution to streamline their processes, which is especially important for SME in Malaysia and Singapore. According to research, the Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing ERP markets, with a projected CAGR of 9.8% until 2027. Learn more about ERP software for small businesses and how you can benefit from one today.

Easy to implement

ERP software, also known as enterprise resource planning, can streamline a business’ core processes and increase efficiency. It integrates data from different departments to improve decision-making and communication. ERP systems typically consist of modules that cover various aspects of a business, such as supply chain management and customer relationship management. Businesses benefit from an ERP system because it allows them to see real-time data and analytics that can help them make better business decisions.


ERP software should be flexible and scalable, depending on the IT resources available for your business. Choose on-premise or cloud-hosted solutions that will grow with your company. It is important to choose a flexible system that has regular updates and maintenance. If you want to use an on-premise system, be sure to look for one that will be compatible with future versions. Support from a reliable Malaysia ERP software provider is also critical for your business’s success.


There are many benefits to using scalable ERP software in Malaysia. For one, it’s cost-effective, and it can easily adapt to your changing needs. It will be easy to train new employees, and it will support both on-premise and cloud-hosted environments. Another advantage is that scalable software will scale with your business, allowing for easy expansion as your business grows. This is particularly important if you’re trying to manage your workforce in Malaysia, where connectivity is often a problem.


There are many options for implementing customized ERP software in Malaysia. The best options are those that integrate seamlessly with other applications. A full-scale implementation of Oracle NetSuite ERP can be completed in as little as three months, and includes support, process evaluation, customization, and proven best implementation practices. For HR management, the standard features include time/attendance tracking, payroll, and leave, while add-on modules include strategic HR management, recruitment, and succession planning.

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